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Workers Houses and Fencing the Land August 1, 2009

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The last two months several projects have been undertaken at Marimba Secret Gardens.

Workers Houses

To accommodate our four men staff, we’ve built two round huts. Each of them having a base size of 28 square meters. The houses are built the traditional way, by using local building material as wood, reed and the typical grass roofing. Located in the back of the land, close to the fruit trees plantation and the vegetables garden, the set-up is made for them and their families to feel at home.

Workers Accommodation

Workers Accommodation


Fencing the land was one of our lasts steps before starting with the construction works of the first guest’s accommodation. The fence was a big task and required a lot of preparation in advance.  Clearing a straight line from milestone to milestone over a distance of nearly 1000 meters through the bush was already a big challenge – but for the bush not to grow again, it was also necessary to dig out all the roots of it. An incredibly tiring and hard work as you can imagine.

300 poles, 8000 meters of barbwire, 1000 kg of cement, 3 truck loads of pebble stones, 45 meters of iron rod, 1800 liters of water and uncountable amounts of hagraves and nails were just enough to have a proper fence built.



The Sea View Parkway

A 25 meter high natural duna seperates our pristine beachfront from the rest of the land. In the front section just before you start walking down to beach we are working on a Sea View Parkway. Besides numerous of Coconut Palm Trees and a stunning view over the Bazaruto Archipelago and the whole bay the newly built shade right at the hillside make the Parkway already now enjoyable.

New Shade at Seaview Parkway

New Shade at Seaview Parkway

Power Supply

To provide a constant elecricity supply a diesel generator now supports our solar systems. Even though there’s mostly sunny days at Marimba Secret Gardens, work also has to go on on rainy ones. This makes a generator absolutely necessary.


Dolphins in our Bay! Juli 13, 2009

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We have always been conscious about the diverse population of Mozambique’s coastal waters and can count ourselves lucky for having seen many different species so far.

however, our present guests who spend their vacation at Marimba Secret Gardens are spotting dolphins in our bay almost every day! the dolphins are also extremly playful and delight to jump around the dows and fisher boats!


Marimba undertakes next building steps! Mai 29, 2009

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After a time of planing and preparation Marimba Secret Gardens starts with several building steps in june.

Already the 27th of may we’ve started building  a simple 17km long oyster shell road from Vilanculos to Macunhe.

Later in june we are going to put up a fence all around our property. We’re talking about approximately 1’200m of fencing. As you can imagine, that involves a lot of material and manpower. The fact that we have more and more precious things at Marimba Secret Gardens makes this fence a ‚must have‘.

At the same time we are also going to build 2 round huts for workers accomodation in the back of the plantation. They will accomodate a maximum of 8 workers as a start. Later there will be more workers accomodation needed.


Coconut palm trees growing @ marimba secret gardens Mai 12, 2009

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From the nearly 300 coconut palm trees we planted at Marimba Secret Gardens close to 150 are already growing nicely and strong.

One of our first actions after buying the land was to seed as many coconut palm trees as possible. We decided to cultivate them the original way.  Coconut Trees like open space to flower out which means we first had to clean out more than 300 spots from the bush to seed the coconuts. Therefore digging out holes and putting seaweed as fertilizer for all coconuts were the next steps. For the coconut palm tree to flower out  it’s a must to water it nicely for the first 2 years. After this, it doesn’t need too much water anymore and the coconut palm trees  survive on themselves.  By now we already have 150 coconut trees and everyday some new crop out.

In the future they will provide you lots of cooling shape at sunny and hot Marimba Secret Gardens. The fresh coconut milk will be more then welcome at the Beachbar for mixing your sundowner cocktails.


Bazaruto – by André Pipa April 30, 2009

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A few years ago the professional photographer André Pipa got the chance to take pictures for a travel magazine feature of beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago out of a plane. Now we would love to share this stunning pictures shot with you, and give you an idea of the mystic and scenic beauty of these Islands.

The Bazaruto Archipelago lies right in front of Marimba Secret Gardens and we provide ocean safaris and daytrips to the archipelago. Our most beautiful divespots are situated all around these islands, so just the boattrip to the reefs is a dream itself.

Don’t miss these unique and alluring pictures and click on the link below.

Bazaruto – by André Pipa


2010 Soccer World Cup @ Marimba Secret Gardens April 29, 2009

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Even though 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa is still 400 days away the neighbouring country Moçambique is already getting prepared for the expected arrival of ten thousands of foreign visitors.

The month-long tournament kicks off on June 11 at the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg.

With the tournament being staged in Africa for the first time in its history, the continent as a whole tries to be in the spotlight and showcase some of its attractions in the hope that visitors will  take the opportunity to discover more of  southern Africa than just the host cities.

There’s big expectations that the Americans, Europeans, Asians and even Africans who are coming to South Africa for the World Cup come and also stay in Moçambique.

Situated only 100km from Nelspruit, Mozambique is best placed to benefit from the arrival of players, fans and the media both during and before the tournament.

The government increases capacity at the border crossings and the number of flights between the two countries as well as it plans a major programme of hotel construction in time for the World Cup as well upgrading the roads network.

Closer to kick-off, the government will also launch a major advertisements to outlight the country’s white sandy beaches and vast nature reserves.

Countries such as Brazil and Portugal might base themselves in Maputo during the tournament. As part of that strategy, a 42 000-seat stadium is planned for possible warm-up games.

Sure also Marimba Secret Gardens is keen to welcome lots of  fans, media and officials before, during and after the tournament.


Spectacular Whale Watching from June to October April 15, 2009

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From June to October Humpback whales and their calves come up from Antarctica to mate and give birth in the Mozambique Channel. The water temperature, the current and the food around the Bazaruto Archipelago is excellent for feeding and resting with their calves. Adult Humpack whales can measure up to 15 meters and weigh between 25 and 40 tons. Because they are slow swimmers, they are easily approached. Just great for whale watching but also for whalers. Therefore the International Whaling Commission gave them worldwide protection status in 1996.

Spectacular to watch and to hear

The blowhole spraying and acrobatics of the humpback whales are spectacular and unique to watch. They can throw themselves completely out of the water, swim on their backs with both flippers in the air and slap on the surface with their huge tail and flippers. Surly the most beautiful experience is to hear them singing. They sing long complex songs, unique to particular populations and particular regions.
With our boats we can reach the whales within an hour from Marimba Secret Gardens. With just a bit of luck you will encounter whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, manta rays and even the rare Dugong on our ride out to the whales.