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team September 10, 2008

Let’s introduce ourselfs!

marcel phillip mauerhofer

Marcel first came to Mozambique in 1997. in the years 2000 and 2001, he’s been working as a dive instructor in Tofo, Inhambane. Since then, he kept on coming back over and over again. With his fascination and passion for the country, Marcel now invests all his engagement and skills into the project and the community that welcomed us with open arms.

isabelle mauerhofer

In summer 2006, when Isabelle travelled to Mozambique for the first time, she also fell in love with this beautiful country with its friendly and gently people, unspoiled beaches and impressive tranquility.

An important member of our team is Reto, the architect. He is not only the designer of our construction plans and graphic layouts but also a very close friend. His office ‚Freefox Architetti‘ is based in Mendrisio, Switzerland, from where he plans and builds amazing works. To our great pleasure he is joining us on every occasion for long periods of time in Marimba Secret Gardens.



Arnaldo moved from Mapinhane, a village nearby, to ‚Marimba Secret Gardens‘. He’s an important part of our team and assisting us in many things.




Marimba Team





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