Marimba Secret Gardens

Nature – Accomodation – Restaurant – Bar – Beach – Music

Beach Resort Vilanculos – Moçambique März 18, 2010

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Marimba Secret Gardens is situated right on the beach, north of Vilanculos and offers comfortable clean low budget and mid-range accommodation in a beautiful environment of pure nature and colorful gardens.

Our cosy restaurant offers a mix of African and European dishes and gladly responds to your individual wishes.

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For additional  information on ‚Marimba Secret Gardens‘ and Moçambique at general contact us at:

or speak to us directly: 00258 84 686 43 73 or

00258 82 697 07 32 (Marcel)

00258 82 005 30 15 (Isabelle)

We speak English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French and a little bit of Italian.

If you want to book or visit us, please contact us in any case in advance!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!


opening Oktober 25, 2011

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Dear guests,

We are happy to announce that Marimba Secret Gardens is now open and ready to ensure you a relaxing and unforgettable time in our little paradise! There are:

  • four cozy double rooms
  • two comfortable shared rooms
  • a neat and spacious bathhouse with tidy bathrooms and showers
  • a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner (there is no self catering kitchen!)
  • a bar with drinks, cocktails and great music.
Find more details about your accommodation in the casitas or just contact us on – We are looking forward to welcoming you and to guarantee you a pleasant stay!

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marimba closed till the end of October! Januar 29, 2011

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The construction works on Marimba Secret Gardens are expected to be finished by the end of October 2011!! Therefore bookings can only be made by mid of October this year.


Flysurf along our beach!! September 23, 2010

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Kitesurfing in paradise?

Come and try your kite at Marimba Secret Gardens!! Our beach actually has the perfect conditions for kite surfing!! Right at the Indian Ocean there’s clear and warm waters all year long as well as there is mostly flat water and constant wind which is usually blowing sideshore!

Next to those ideal conditions, our bay is a quiet and recreative place where you can combine relaxation, sports and pristine nature.

So what else are you looking for? Grab your kite equipment and enjoy some days at a new and fresh destination – off the beaten track.


Latest News September 9, 2010

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Within the last few months, Marimba could go forward in several projects.

The ‚Macunhe Soccer Team‘

First of all, the talks with the chiefs of our local community about the availability of a piece of land for the intended soccer ground are in progress! As soon as the defining of the site will be resolved, the foundation and organisation of the ‚Macunhe Soccer Team‘ will be carried out.

can you find it on the picture?

Water Tower and View Point

A rather big step is the finishing of the new water tower which is not only fully providing our water system but also offering a magnificient view on its five meter high platform.


Besides, the construction works on the new backpackers are going ahead properly and satisfactory.


17th of April – Marimba ByeBye Party @ Kaufleuten Lounge März 20, 2010

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Marimba Supports the ‚Macunhe Soccer Team‘ März 13, 2010

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Marimba Secret Gardens proudly supports the ‚Macunhe Soccer Team‘!!

In close partnership with the local community and its chiefs Marimba is involved in the foundation of the ‚Macunhe Soccer Team‘.

Macunhe is the region ‚Marimba Secret Gardens‘ lies in. So far the community of Macunhe hasn’t had its own soccer team due to the lack of a proper soccer field.

The chiefhood of Macunhe now provides and organizes in partnership with Marimba Secret Gardens the cleaning of a stretch of land to build the first soccer field ever in Macunhe.

Marimba Secret Gardens will support the team directly with adequate uniforms as well as training equipment, goals and balls.

Soccer is more than just a game. Especially in poor African countries soccer plays a huge social part in everyday life. The soccer field in Macunhe will become a local centre for people living in the wide surrounding neighbourhood.

Playing with its own team the in local league will give Macunhe a voice in the district of Vilanculos and become a part of identification for the local community itself.

You can help us to support the team by joining us for our ‚Marimba ByeBye-Party‘ at Kaufleuten Lounge on the 17th of April 2010. There will be an entry fee of 25 CHF of which the whole amount will be put to help the ‚Macunhe Soccer Team‘ going into a successful future.


Marimba ByeBye Party
saturday, 17th of april 2010
Kaufleuten Lounge Zürich
live in concert : ‚The Calling Sirens‘

We hope to see you there!!!